Max Schneider (voiced by and resembles Rick Moranis) is a human who teaches at Gravedale High School.


Max Schneider is the only human teacher at Gravedale High. Before accepting the teaching job he applied to a private school called Midtown Prep School. Since Gravedale High was the first to get back to Schneider's application he accepted their offer, not knowing it was a monster school, but not seeming to be concerned about it either. The monster teachers were aghast at having a human in their ranks, and attempt to weed him out by assigning him to the "Misfits", a group of students so unruly that no monster teacher wanted to deal with them. Max's unorthodox methods win over the students. Some monster faculty, such as Coach Cadaver, are militantly anti-human and would like to be rid of Schneider. However, the leader, Headmistress Crone, does realize that Max Schneider did something no monster accomplished: disciplining the Misfits. As the series progressed, the monster teachers generally formed a good working relationship with Schneider.

Clothing Edit

Max sports a tan jacket suit with a white collar long sleeve shirt and a red and white polka-dotted bow-tie, with light blue pants and brown shoes. He seems to be modeled after his voice actor, Rick Moranis.

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  • Max Schneider is one of the few humans in the show who isn't afraid of his monster students, athough sometimes episodes would show humans who are not afraid of the monsters, often those who give them jobs.
  • Max sometimes dress up in different costume while teaching his class.