Long Day's Gurney Into Night is the 1st episode of Gravedale High. it appears on September 8 1990.


When Sid comes down with a sickness, Max ends up having to take him to the Community Hospital since Gravedale High no longer has a doctor or a school nurse (they ran off together). This earns Max enmity as the monster faculty, particularly Coach Cadaver, thinks Sid was infected with a disease from Max and it is unspeakable that any monster should be in the care of human doctors. This spreads to Sid's classmates, who are reluctant to go into the human world to visit Sid. However, when Max falls into the moat and is rendered unconscious, the students beg Boneyard to get them to the hospital for their teacher's sake.

Sid ends up being chased by the doctors when he doesn't want his tonsils removed. Meanwhile at the hospital, the other kids had a bit of fun while looking for Sid.



  • This episode focus on Sid.
  • Because Max is the only teacher to have stayed the longest with the class of misfits, he get his own personal parking space.