Frankentyke blah


Frankentyke is a dimunative monster with a slight attitude problem. He has a habit of calling everyone "Man". His appearance and demeanor appear to be inspired by Bart Simpson. His best friend is Gil, arguably because both have a laid back attitude towards the world. As with many of the Gravedale High class, who are largely the antithesis of the classic movie monsters they are meant to show, Frankentyke is different from the Boris Karloff film Frankenstein. Unlike Frankenstein, Frankentyke is of short stature and few people fear him. He does have one skill, horsemanship, which in one episode gets him a job as a jockey. Like the classic movie, Frankentyke's true father is Dr. Frankenstein, which in another episode causes him to be concerned about a parents' night at Gravedale High and go to great lengths to hide the fact his dad is a human. Frankentyke also has a brother, nicknamed Big Frank, who is closer to the classic image of Frankenstein. Big Frank is also a play on Frankenstein, but to a lesser degree, in that he was a noted athlete and presumably more serious student as he has already graduated Gravedale High and taken a job in the human world where he works at a funeral parlor (arguably the most monster-friendly profession). Another pun with Big Frank was that whereas people were terrified of the Frankenstein monster, Big Frank is admired by girls, to include almost of Frankentyke's female schoolfriends, which causes Frankentyke problems as the girls' constant attention is to the detriment of their fun.