Duzer (voiced by Kimmy Robertson) - A snake-haired Valley girl and parody of Medusa (which is her actual first name, "Duzer" being an abbreviation) minus the petrifying gaze. Her response to anyone who annoys her is "Get a life!" ironic in that many Gravedale students and staff members are in fact already dead. She is very pretty, vain, competitive, bossy, and likes to be the center of attention with all the boys. But while she can come off as being selfish and very mean, (mainly concerning ghoulish hunky guys or being in position of power) and she has been know to compassionate concerning her classmates and can be "blackmailed" into doing the right thing. She is known to have a not-so-secret infatuation with Vinnie Stoker. There is only one time this comes up in first episode: Long Day's Gurney Into Night. Duzer complains that she can't do 'anything' with her snakes. Cleo tries to help her fix her "hairstyle" in time for Vinnie's arrival. Duzer vehemently denies that "she doesn't have a crush on Vinnie Stoker!" Frankentyke swipes her diary off her desk, reads a few sentences indicating otherwise. Schneider's arrival to class makes Frankentyke throw the evidence out the window literally! Vinnie flies in carrying said diary, and takes a peek (perhaps at the passage Frankentyke read aloud), smiles, as Duzer yells at him as she snatches back her diary, "if you read that you're dead!" After that, nothing was ever mentioned or shown about it during the series.

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